Hiker Dies in Cave

A group hikes through a South Georgia cave Saturday night leaves a Tallahassee man dead and hundreds of rescuers at the scene trying to recover his body. Police say 33-year-old Bruce Brewer was an experienced hiker and diver, but they say the Climax caves are difficult for anyone to navigate, even a pro.

Bruce Brewer and seven other people entered the caves last night; police say Brewer has over ten years of experience with slippery hiking and small areas to squeeze through.

Police say around 8:00 p.m. Brewer dove into a pool to swim to another area in the caves and his friends lost sight of him.

"They tried frantically to get a hold of him. They saw the line in the water, but that's all they could see. They watched that for a long time,” said Decatur County Sheriff, Wiley Griffin.

Rescuers from all over our area as well as Atlanta and Alabama responded to the scene Saturday night.

Police some of the crevices in the caves are barely big enough for a person to get through. The caves are usually off limits to hikers, but Brewer and his group had written permission to be there.

Bruce Brewer was a photojournalist with the Tallahassee Democrat before going into freelance photography.