Tallahassee School Shows Big Improvement

Wesson elementary jumped two letter grades under the A Plus plan for education. Last year, Wesson Elementary was one of 64 schools across the state that got an F. This year it is among the 527 schools receiving a C, moving them out of danger and farther away from the parental school choice program.

Special Ed teacher, Erica Brown, came to Wesson Elementary in January of this year, right at the start of the FCAT season, and under the dark cloud of being labeled an F school, but she wasn't going to let that F hold down her eagles.

In fact, the school did go up to a C, which saved Wesson from the Two Strikes You're Out rule, because one more F would cause private school vouchers to kick in.

Fifth grader, Shanesia Gilyard, could hear the cries of joy and remembers the path it took to put these Eagles on top. Avoiding another F is the financial equivalent of being one paycheck away from filing for Chapter 11. Instead, these Eagles wrote their own chapter full of instructor incentive and student support.

Wesson Elementary was one of four schools that jumped two letter grades in Leon County. Riley Elementary went from a D to a B. Fort Braden and Sabal Palm went from C's to A's.

If Wesson were to receive an F this year, parents would have been able to apply for the school choice program; students attending schools that have received a grade of F twice in the past four years are eligible for vouchers.