Game Day Traffic

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9/9/06 - Florida State football fans are tailgating and gearing up for the first home game. The sporting event is about having a good time, but with fun comes heavy traffic.

Chad Ohara, a FSU fan, said, "It's horrible. Even after the game it's hard to get out.

Scott Hollis, a tailgater, added, "We've got friends that drive back after the game and it takes them maybe an hour or so to get out of Tallahassee."

There are 110 Tallahassee police officers on hand to help relieve some of the traffic on game day. Authorities say there will be 2000 cars leaving the parking lot surrounding the stadium. Police are encouraging drivers who park on Pensacola Street to avoid Stadium Drive after the game.

FSU fan Chad Ohara has some advice on how to avoid traffic.

"Never park close to the stadium. You won't be able to get out for an hour of two at least.”

One group of fans started tailgating early with plenty of food on hand, a television to capture the highlights, and satellite dish.

Ohara added, "It's just so nice to be able to watch the game, chill out while everyone else is going home in traffic, we can catch the game."

Tallahassee police say traffic is always busy this time of year, especially on game day, but they hope delays will decrease this year. Tallahassee police say drivers should expect more traffic delays for the first few home games because people are trying to figure out where they need to go.