Underage Drinkers Get Busted During Game Time

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Seminole fans kicked off the first home game with parties and tailgating, but fans aren't the only ones participating in the football season. The Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco are kicking off a new season as well.

"It's the start of the season, so we need to gage what kind of manpower and what we’re gonna need for the rest of the season," said LT Ralph Campbell from ABT.

ABT is out educating licensed businesses in hopes of preventing the sale of alcohol to underage individuals.

"Just pretty much keep carding and making sure they are aware of whose actually in the party and everything like that," said Sandra Revell, Sun Stop manager.

Agents hit the streets stopping anyone that may look guilty of underage drinking. They say it’s important from a preventive measure, with our agency being proactive trying to address it before it gets to that point of someone being injured or hurt.

ABT ticketed 13 individuals before kickoff. They hope their presence will make party-goers and distributors think twice about the consequences they could face if they provide alcohol to minors.

ABT says the cooperation by all law enforcements, as well as businesses, is the key to preventing the underage drinking problem. Enforcement will continue throughout the football season, including bowl games.