Thomas University 9/11 Memorial

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It is five years later and Thomasville residents gathered to mourn a tragedy still fresh in the minds of Americans.

Thomasville resident Susan Otto said Monday, "My nephew was trapped in a subway when the first tower was hit so we didn't know for several hours whether they were alive or dead and thankfully they all survived."

Thomas University hosted a remembrance ceremony, giving people a chance to reflect and move forward.

Like many Americans, Thomas University Student Government President June Robinson says she remembers exactly what was going through her head when the planes hit the towers. "Seeing the first plane hit the World Trade Center, I thought to myself, what is going on? After the second plane hit, I said to myself, someone has lost their mind," she says, reminiscing about that fateful September day.

The president of Thomas University, Dr. Gary Bonvillian is a New York native and says all he could think about was the massive loss of life that day. "I think what it has meant is that we are human and human tragedy will occur; ideologies that drive people to extreme behaviors are not going to go away, that is the first lesson," he said.

The event is not unlike many throughout the country as people take time out of their days to remember those lost and those still grieving.

"It's a day to come out and let the families and the people of the United States, just to know we still care about them, we're still praying for them and we'll always be standing behind them," said Thomasville resident Debbie White.

At the end of the event, residents were able to release balloons into the air in a silent memorial.