Kappa Hazing Trial Postponed

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The hazing trial of five FAMU fraternity brothers was set to begin Monday morning, but it was postponed at the last minute.

Dr. Willis Callins, the medical doctor who treated alleged hazing victim Marcus Jones, was unable to make it this week.

In addition to Dr. Callins being unavailable, Prosecutor Frank Allman says some new evidence was discovered over the weekend, but he refused to reveal what it might be.

"It was some new information that I have yet to actually formally share with the defense, so I'm not going to discuss what it was until I at least give them a chance to take a look at it," said Allman.

"It always makes you feel a little uneasy because you want to know what it is they have. So toward that end, we're looking forward to receiving the packet from Mr. Allman. At this point we have no idea what it is," said Defense Attorney Chuck Hobbs.

The defendants have also filed a motion for dismissal, based on a prior deposition of Dr. Callins, and his examination of Jones.

The trial has been reset for September 25th, but a motion for dismissal will be heard this Thursday.