Tallahassee Woman’s Aunt Died in World Trade Center Attacks

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She's one of the many who lost loved ones at ground zero that day.

Images of the fiery crash and destruction are seared into Eileen Walsh's memory. Her aunt, Ann McGovern, worked in one of the twin towers and was in the building when the plane struck.

McGovern's body was never recovered, but Walsh say she and her siblings joined other family members for a moving service honoring the men and women who lost their lives.

Eileen Walsh said, "They had New York City police officers in full dress leading the procession. They had bag pipers there and it was beautiful the outpouring of love my family was shown, and especially my cousin’s."

McGovern's name is one of thousands etched on a wall as a memorial to those who died in the terrorist attacks. Each year on the anniversary, Walsh says the family avoids watching television. They prefer to celebrate McGovern's life as a vibrant, witty woman who was a loving mother and grandmother.