59-Year-Old Soldier Goes to Afghanistan

Frank Morgan is in his 50s and spent 37 years in the military, and instead of retiring he answered the call of duty volunteering to go to Afghanistan to fight in the War on Terror.

Frank Morgan has been glued to his television watching as the nation commemorates the fifth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Morgan was moved to action during that fateful day as thousands of Americans lost their lives.

Morgan said, "Having watched some of the replay of the 9/11 events just stirs an emotion that's hard to keep inside. It makes me angry every time I see it I just want do more than I've already done."

And what he did was remarkable. On the eve of his 58th birthday, Morgan volunteered for an entire year of active duty training Afghanistan soldiers for combat.

Morgan added, "There was constant danger wherever we moved because of the unseen, no knowing friendly person from the bad guys, we were always on alert ready to move."

It was a move that proved to be a daily struggle to stay alive, and for his bravery in the War on Terror and commitment to his country, Morgan received a Bronze Star.

This March Morgan, who is a father and grandfather, will retire having served 38 years in the National Guard. In fact, Morgan has served his country helping out during hurricanes, but this was an important mission he wanted to accomplish and he did it in the mountains of Afghanistan.