Homeland Security Dollars

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Millions of Homeland Security dollars have been pumped into Leon County and Tallahassee since 9/11, and more could come. At least $6 million, according to records from the Leon County Sheriff's Office and the City of Tallahassee.

The money has been funneled to Tallahassee Police, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management, the Sheriff's Office and the county Health Department. The funding is allowing the Sheriff's Office to purchase bomb robots, SWAT vehicles and bio-terror suits.

CAPT Gene Revell with the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "The whole area of domestic security has changed. We're having to deal with bio-terrorism, chemical terrorism, different things we never thought we'd be faced with or have to encounter prior to 9/11 really."

The 13-region Domestic Security Task Force was created in Florida as a result of the attacks. Most of the equipment purchased through Homeland Security dollars is helping to equip our regional force.