Right Track Program at VSU Cuts Funding

A program that helps kids get on their feet to eventually make it to graduation day is facing some financial difficulties. Program Right Track has lost almost half of last year's budget.

The program will go on, but just like it's budget it will be cut in half. Hopefully with the community's support, the program will continue to get kids back on track.

Kennecia brown now attends college thanks to program track program. This summer, she's come back to volunteer to help the younger kids pursue the same goal.

“I really didn't feel any of us were at risk, didn't need help, it was a leg up, it made us go to college,” Kennecia says.

The program provides academic and social support for students starting from for students starting from the 8th grade till they graduate from high school.

“This is my first year, looking forward to coming more and more because I could see from now, I'm getting a good chance here, pretty fun,” Dennis Brown says.

Right track initially received state and private funds when it first began back in summer of 1996, but over the years, it has suffered from a number of major budget cuts.

“After the first five years, the private source funds were cut. This year state monies were cut in half, having to cut back from two weeks to one week,” says Beverly Richardson-Blake, director of Right Track.

Teachers say they will not let the reduction affect the way they treat the students.

“It has still not deterred us from our goal and our heart to present the student with as much information as we possibly can and as much exposure as we can,” Amelia Shaw, an instructional leader, says.

But because of the cut, the enrichment program is now turning to the community to turning to the community to help fund materials and also provide nutrition for the kids.

In addition to financial support, items are needed to give to students at the end of the program as rewards since they do not receive credit for attending.

If you would like to make any type of donations, call 229-333-5463.

This is not just a summer program; throughout the year the kids also receive free tutoring, which was totally eliminated by the cut, and the Saturday classes that were offered were shortened to half a day.