Thomasville Honors Patriot Day

By Kate Gaier
10:30 pm September 11, 2006

Five years later the memories are as vivid as they were the morning of September 11, 2001.

Major General Stephen Johnson making the trip to the Rose City to be a guest speaker this Patriot's Day.

"It reminds people the sacrifices that have been made in this war, and I don't think we should be remorseful about our country's response to the attacks against us. We should be proud of that, but we have to also understand that this will be a long war."

Johnson did a tour in Iraq for nearly a year, commanding tens of thousands of Marines. Believing the War on Terrorism is not an easy one, he says he'll always be ready to serve his country.

"As a Marine you're always ready to go and do what has to be done, and so if they need the help they know where I am and I'll be glad to go back to help,” Johnson remarked.

And as we remember heroes from the past, we mustn't forget those paving the way for our future and our freedom.