Plant Removing Sheep

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A flock of sheep has been used since 2000 to clear out kudzu in the city and the county.

Now, they're chewing on some different plants and clearing out a park. Bite by bite, they're uncovering an overgrown part of Leon County.

Neighbors were worried what might end up hidden here. The county put this flock to work.

“You may have seen some of large bricks and debris uncovered by sheep, prevents mowers from going over them and hurting somebody or providing a lot of property damage,” says Dan Winchester, Leon County Commissioner.

Their finished product will be a better answer than burning. With more than 2,000 sheep in the county flock, herders can pick different sheep for different projects.

“This is mostly a thinning and brushing so I've got my weathers which are neutered males out here, hard workers in the crew,” says Meaghan Tacker of Bellweather Solutions.

The sheep will keep eating for the next two weeks. After that, park personnel will start regular man-made mowing.

In case you noticed the wool on some of those sheep and wondered when they'll be sheared, those type of sheep don't have to be sheared; most of them are in the middle of shedding their winter coats