Lawnmower Dangers

A fire that erupted at a Tallahassee home Sunday night started in a most unusual way. A lawnmower, still hot from cutting the grass, is the apparent culprit.

The smell of fresh cut grass mingles with the acrid smell of smoke. Who would have thought mowing the lawn on a summer evening could end like this?

"I actually mowed my yard the whole day, it took me about two hours, and I finally got it done. Then I just put the mower up in the shed, and I didn't expect anything like this," says Leroy Smith.

Firefighters were called to Leroy Smith's home Sunday night, when neighbors spotted smoke coming from the back of the house. All indications right now are that a mower, still hot, ignited a blaze.

"I still don't know what fell on it, they say something plastic, something fell on it which made a fire," Leroy says.

Luckily firefighters squelched the flames before they could invade the rest of the house. They say all homeowners should take heed to make sure what happened to Leroy doesn't happen to them.

"It's always a good idea to let your equipment, your lawn mower, your weed eater, your edger, all your power tools cool off outside before putting them up. That way you're not putting it near any combustibles or putting it away hot," says CAPT Sharon Lippman.

Leroy wasn't home when the fire erupted. He says he actually smelled smoke before leaving the house and checked the oven and the stove, but never thought to check the mower.