Preparing Now for a Disaster Tomorrow

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A home on Macomb Street in Frenchtown is getting a makeover: a new roof, new flooring, new siding, new windows and steel doors. However, it’s not just for looks.

Once finished, the home will be ready to withstand a hurricane, which is something that may have never happened without the repair work by the Tallahassee Urban League.

"When a hurricane comes, its looking for any opening and with all the holes she had in her house I’m certain this would have been one of the houses totally devastated," said Vice President Curtis Taylor.

As part of National Disaster Month, local organizations and law enforcement agencies are reminding residents to prepare, whether it’s a natural disaster or terrorism.

"We have to be prepared that our citizens have to do the kinds of things to have plans, to exercise those plans, to talk to our kids and children and to be involved in our school systems," said Tallahassee Police Chief Walt McNeil.

They say citizens should do their part as they continue to do theirs.

"We certainly have to look at our ports: the coastlines that were affected by the storms that came out of the gulf, but also as a potential target for terrorism. We have to look at our amusement parks and what happens when they're affected by natural and homemade hazards," said David Halstead with the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

With hurricane season still underway and terrorism still a constant threat, the best advice: hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst.