Val Tech Students Get Four-Day School Week

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Attention Val Tech students: no class on Friday or any Friday all next quarter, for that matter.

"We think across the state we've probably lost students who did not come to school because of high gas prices," says Val Tech President Dr. Tina Anderson.

Students travel as much as 100 miles round trip everyday to attend class at Val Tech, and that can add up to many trips to the gas station. The four day school week provides much needed relief.

"Whooo, a big impact. I'll probably save about 25 to 30 bucks on gas with that one day," said student Flora Louis.

In addition to saving money at the pump, Val Tech students will take advantage of gaining more experience and earning more dollars while working.

"It will allow for more time at a machine shop outside of class, more hands-on experience outside of class," said student Janet Walker.

School officials say another reason for the schedule change was to help cut down on day care expenses for students with children.

Administrators, instructors and staff will use Fridays to develop curriculum, market the college, and work on special projects.

School officials say the new schedule promotes better customer service because records and financial aid will be updated and processed faster.