$100,000 Bond Set for Maclay Teacher

by Julie Montanaro
September 12, 7:15pm

Bond for a Maclay teacher accused of having hundreds of pornographic pictures of children is now up to $100,000, and we got word late Tuesday that deputies have discovered disturbing pictures of Maclay students at Saunders’ home.

This is our first look at 54-year-old Richard Saunders since his arrest. A judge is upping his bond to $100,000 as Saunders listens via video link from the jail.

"It's like finding out someone in your family is a monster," said Maclay Headmaster Bill Jablon. “The person we know and we thought we knew is not that person at all. He led another life."

Deputies revealed late Tuesday that a search of Saunders’ home uncovered a camera and another 200 discs with names like Golden Numbers, Sista and Dr. Sex Movies. Deputies say there are more than 10,000 images depicting children in every imaginable sex act.

Also confiscated were some photographs of current Maclay students, one by the pool and two others in class, according to Jablon, that deputies found alarming.

"Let me make sure we are clear,” emphasized SGT Chris Chase. "These pictures (of Maclay students) are not pornographic. These pictures are suggestive and disturbing, but not pornographic."

Maclay Headmaster Bill Jablon said, "It came down to three pictures of high school females, fully clothed, but in looking at them and knowing who he was and what he had been doing, they, in I think an abundance of caution, have gone ahead and called the parents to come in and take a look at them."

The headmaster at Maclay sent a letter home to parents detailing the latest developments, hoping that the discs don't reveal any more photos of students. At Tuesday morning's court hearing, Judge Tim Harley set a $100,000 bond, ordered Saunders to wear a GPS monitor and have no contact with children or computers. As of Tuesday evening, Saunders had not posted bond.

Attorney Robert Harper says he will likely represent Saunders at another court hearing Wednesday.