Changes in Georgia's Driver's License Road Tests

Currently there are 24 DMV examiners that travel to smaller counties in our area to better service drivers, but starting next month, these travel teams will be no more.

When Curtis Lamb has to travel from Moultrie to get anything done at the DMV, he says he has to wait a while. The good news is, DMV employees are being reassigned to help out at busy facilities throughout the state.

On the downside, these examiners used to travel to smaller counties to issue licenses and conduct road tests for people who did not have a facility close by.

DMV representatives say besides the money issue, they cut the travel teams because sometimes the examiners had nothing to do at their stations, and at other times they were swamped.

Service from the travel teams ends august first. The department of motor vehicles offers driver's license renewals through the mail, by Internet, or phone.

If you need to take a road test, you can call 678-413-8500 to make a reservation.