Opening New Doors in Tough Times

On July 10, 191 employees at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital were given their walking papers.

"Census at hospital been down so we are staffing according to census we are serving," says Ron Brafford.

Ron Brafford estimates the cut backs will save the hospital $6 million. While TMH is downsizing, you could say TCH us upgrading its operation.

A $100 million replacement facility is soon to open, and in the last 12 months the hospital has actually been able to hire more full time workers.

"Last year had pretty high vacancies in nursing, had to utilize travelers and agency staff, but in last twelve months been able to higher on full time nurses," Sharon Roush says.

Across the country the medical field is under pressure, especially in the sunshine state where lawmakers are trying to cure the medical malpractice insurance crisis. Roush says flexibility is the key to staying solvent.

"Flexibility part of what hospital's do patient census down and up everyday, some days full house we project peal load and build staff in the middle," Roush says.

The opening of capitol regional medical center will be the culmination of that planning process. TCH's replacement hospital is set to open in mid-August. It will be demolished, and the property it sits on now will be turned into parking.