Planting the Seeds for a Great Expo


The Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition is one of the largest farm shows in the country. This week, thousands of people from all over the world are coming to our area for the cutting edge of farming technology. South Georgia is in the heart of farm country; exhibitors say local distributors may not carry some of their high-tech new equipment, and the expo is a good way to let farmers know what is available.

The set-up process is fast-paced at the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition. What was a wide-open field only days ago is now buzzing with exhibitors. This is one of the nation's largest Ag expos, each year it draws thousands of exhibitors and perspective buyers from all over the world."

"We fill all the motel rooms within a 60 mile radius, lots of gas, food, car rentals, it's estimated to bring in more than $30 million to the region," says Chip Blalock.

Company owners who are setting up shop say no matter how far they have to travel, the Sunbelt Expo is worth the trip.

"Sometimes local dealers may not have our items, by coming here, they can see our products and get specifics on the capabilities of the products," says Tom Barenga, president of WorkSaver Inc.

Organizers say this year's expo has been planned for a year. Now finishing touches are being made on all exhibits and the fruit of all the labor will be seen by thousands. The expo's gates open to the public at 8:30 Tuesday morning. The show goes through Thursday.

Tuesday morning WCTV will bring you live coverage of the event.

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