MDA Lockup in Tallahassee

Police were called to their jobs, and the suspects were whisked away to jail. But not just any jail, the MDA jail, where they were forced to use their interpersonal skills in a whole new way.

Tallahassee police spent a great deal of the day transporting folks like this. But once inside, many changed their tune.

Guilty because they've been charged with having a big heart.

About 100 people were taken into custody and booked for good at the Muscular Dystrophy Association Jailhouse, their bail, $2,500. The inmates were sentenced to an hour of dialing.


That sound means someone just raised a $100 donation.

Meanwhile in cell Block Q, son Steven Foley is keeping a watchful eye on his jailed mother.

But its no laughing matter, the MDA lockup is cracking down on these offenders who are ringing in money for a good cause.

In April, MDA hosted a similar lock-up, and raised $75,000. All proceeds will go towards the upcoming MDA Telethon in September.