Gretna Police Chief Controversy

A heated argument in a city meeting leaves one area police chief wondering if he still has a job, that after he was fired by the city's mayor.

But an investigation is underway, which could either keep him on his job or end his law enforcement career.

Gretna Police Chief Pepe Forbes' job is in limbo. Last Tuesday in a city meeting the mayor fired him, but for now Forbes is still on the job pending an internal investigation.

The incident occurred following a citizen's complaint.

Forbes says he was telling commissioners what transpired when tempers flared.

The mayor was not available for an on camera interview, but says, "I did not fire the chief, I merely made a suggestion to the city manager to terminate the chief because of his behavior during the meeting."

The city's manager says the mayor does not have the authority to do so.

The city manager says he will review the minutes of the meeting and present his findings and recommendations to commissioners next Tuesday.