Mentoring Initiative

Some of FAMU's finest poured into the entrance of Leonard Wesson Elementary School, and in the classrooms awaited patient yet anxious groups of students ready to meet their very own FAMU leader.

FAMU's governor's mentoring initiative brought these leaders to this southside school, hoping to become a permanent part of their lives.

"Leonard Wesson has gone from a F school to a C school this past school year and administrators say they owe that in part to their mentors who also teach children lesson to take home"

"Self-esteem is good for anybody because if you feel good about yourself you can accomplish anything," says Cressie Wilson.

These mentors say giving back to these eager students is just what they've been taught to do in life, and at the same time setting the pace for future leaders.

"Administrations come and go. We want the very sole of the institution to be involved with student life throughout this county," says Dr. Fred Gainous.

Dr. Gainous says his goal is to see Wesson become an A school and this is just the beginning of FAMU's bond with them. The mentors are focusing on the areas of math, reading and writing. Students are chosen according to their current progress in school.