Annexation of Southern Leon County

Allan Ballas is a man on a mission, fighting to keep his house out of Tallahassee.

Ballas says he and his neighbors live in a rural area and like it that way. As for city taxes and services, he says no thanks.

Jack Wolff lives a few streets away in an area more like a neighborhood and he would love to be in the city. Wolfe said, "I feel neighborhood would be improved. We'd have street lights, city police, better code enforcement."

The city annexed five commercial plots last week. Much of the currently proposed southern triangle annexation now would be commercial and it is all voluntary.

However, opponents like Alan Ballas are worried voluntary annexation is just the beginning. That means the fight will go on, between residents fights to be let in or left out.

The county doe not actually get to approve any city annexation, but county commissioners can vote either to object or not to object to an annexation.

The issue is not currently on the county's agenda for Tuesday night, but they could still discuss it.