Drug Arrests in Wakulla

Around 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon detectives shut down a Petro gas station, moved in on the owners and arrested them for allegedly selling crack-pipe kits to anyone who asked.

Outside the Petro gas station on Highway 98 and 319, all fuel pumps are off. Tuesday afternoon customers were turned away as officers searched for evidence inside. Below the counter were several crack-pipe kits thought to be sold by station owners.

"The actual purchases were made by our officers over the counter, we're disappointed really," says MAJ Maurice Langston.

Disappointed, Langston says, because the crack pipe kits were being sold inside a local business, less than a block away from an elementary school, and about 1/2 a mile from the high school.

Langston says a team effort led to the couple's arrest thanks to undercover detectives and tips from the public, he says the six-week investigation has finally come to a head.

"This information is coming in because the community is growing, and we're getting a large response helping us apprehend these people," says CPT William Poole.

Mrs. Shaw was arrested at the gas station; her husband was in Tallahassee but later turned himself in. Both remain in the Wakulla County jail on $10,000 bond. MAJ Langston says they simply went in, asked for a kit and were charged around $5 to $10.