Commissioners Get Tour of New EMS Facility


In just two and a half months Emergency Medical Services will transfer from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to Leon County. Tuesday, commissioners toured current and new EMS facilities as final decisions and preparations are being made.

Leon County commissioners were sent to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Tuesday to examine the current EMS set up. When the county takes over EMS services in January, THM officials are saying what's ours is yours.

Commissioner Tony Grippa agrees and spearheaded the visit to TMH. Construction is underway for the new EMS headquarters on Miccosukee Road right next to the county's public works center.

"Obviously we're doing things out here, but why build a new building when someone's willing to give it to you for potentially nothing?" says Tony Grippa.

Issues like this were hashed out an EMS workshop. While TMH offices may be used as post, several county officials say the new headquarters is in a prime location.

"It was property already owned by the county, so we didn't have to go out and buy it. It's next to the Blairstone extension, so it will help with traffic and its also equidistant between the two hospitals," says Vincent Long.

Also Tuesday, the county's new EMS director was announced. Dan Moynihan is the former chief administrative officer for lifeguard ambulances, which serves four states.