Florida and Georgia Don't Make the Grade

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New numbers from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education show Florida and Georgia as needing work in preparing students for life after high school.

"One thing that might help is starting next year, the state is requiring all middle schools to take a career course. So, maybe that is a start. I'm not a believer in students, in their earlier years, needing to know what they want to be. On the other hand, it will help them make sure they are planning for the future," said Teri Gimbel, a guidance counselor at Lincoln High School.

In the category of preparation for college Florida and Georgia both received 'C' grades. In college participation, Florida received a 'C' while Georgia received a 'D.' In college affordability both states earned an 'F.'

"Preparation for college students is still a concern for all of us. Keep your eye on the success of students in the forth and fifth grades. They are the ones in the system with higher scores and are doing better," said Tallahassee Community College President Dr. Bill Law.

Both Florida and Georgia were cited as states with low investment in need-based financial aid, as well as states with no low tuition college opportunities.

On a brighter note, both states received an 'A' grade for the rate of students completing certificates and degrees.