Hooters Golf Tour and its Economic Impact

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Golf season is in full swing, and professional players from across the country are demonstrating their skills in Valdosta.

Zach Jaworski, a pro golfer, said, "It's my first year out here, so trying to get a little more experience, build a resume up a little."

168 professional golfers will tee off Wednesday.

Kevin Hall, a pro golfer, added, "Very competitive tour, really like it, it's a good way to improve my game, get ready for the nationwide tour and PGA."

These players and their guest will be in town for around a week. The Valdosta/Lowndes County Tourism Center estimates they'll spend about $100 a day.

This golf tournament it not just a big hit with the players, but it's also hitting the local economy with about a half-a-million-dollar impact.

Randy Terrill, a Valdosta resident and pro-am golfer, explained, "It's just a stepping stone for more publicity to the area and to bring more people to the area."

And with a great course.

Jack Croyle, a pro golfer, said, "You just don't expect to see something like this in Valdosta. It's a very good golf course.”

It’s also mixed with beautiful weather.

Terrill said, "Not supposed to rain the rest of the week, so it should be a super week.”

It seems both the players and the town are scoring. The Hooters Golf Tour began in 1988. Its goal is to provide professional golfers an opportunity to compete in a professional atmosphere, as well as achieve financial success.