Inflatable Mannequin Teaches CPR

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During a cardiac emergency every second counts. That's why the American Heart association is pushing to get more people trained in administering CPR.

The one they're relying on for the training is Mini Anne, an inflatable mannequin that comes in a kit with a do it yourself instructional DVD.

"Eighty percent of cardiac arrest happens in the home, so that's why it’s so important for all of us to know that so we can be around our friends and family and know what to do in an emergency," said Tonya Ehrhardt with the American Cancer Society.

Darryl Hall is a Leon County paramedic and agrees more people need to learn to perform CPR.

"You can't have a paramedic at every house, so the faster the CPR has begun after a cardiac event happens, the better outcome the patient will have."

You may wonder why you would need people trained in CPR when you have defibrillators in so many places, including schools and malls. Statistics show many victims won't survive with a defibrillator alone.

"The defibrillators are wonderful and great and do help, but AEDs are not the only answer. CPR is a huge part of that process," said Ehrhardt

Hall says defibrillators are just step one.

"It's very important that you know CPR and use both ‘cause you shock them and then you do CPR and that increases the outcome for the patient."

The do it yourself DVD is 30 minutes long, and although you won't get a test or a certification card, you’ll at least learn enough to be able to save a life.