Clinic Closes for Repairs

by Julie Montanaro
September 20, 5:30pm

The Leon County Health Department has shut the doors of its Municipal Way clinic for repairs.

A leaky roof must be replaced and a sign on the front door directs patients to the Roberts & Stevens Clinic on Old Bainbridge Road instead.

Employees say whether it's for vaccinations, family planning or copies of birth certificates, about 150 people a day are now showing up at the Old Bainbridge Road clinic.

"We're busy, but patients are being seen in a timely manner," said Health Center Administrator Holly Kirsch, "and we've had little glitches with the phone because phone lines had to be moved and computer systems had to be moved over, so there were some glitch, but it seems everything has worked out now."

The Municipal Way clinic will reopen on January 2. Until then, patients making appointments with the Leon County Health Department should double check the location.