Aspiring Realtor Arrested

by Julie Montanaro
September 20, 5:45pm

An aspiring realtor can't resist a refund.

Leon County deputies say 22-year-old Emmett Jones went online to take a test for his Florida realtor’s license, paid for it, but then cancelled the whole transaction thinking he hadn't passed the test.

That's when deputies say he discovered a computer glitch and toggled his way to more than 30 grand in refunds.

"Hey, if I keep hitting this back button and keep reversing the process, they'll keep refunding money that I'm not entitled to," said DET David Knight of the LCSO Financial Crimes Unit, "and our records indicate that he did this almost 1,100 times for about $35,000."

Jones faces fraud and grand theft charges, and detectives say the computer glitch has now been fixed.