Florida Sex Offender Arrested in Georgia

by Kate Gaier
6:25 pm September 20, 2006

The Decatur County Sheriff's Office says it got word from Orange County, Florida of a sex offender in the area. When deputies went to arrest him for failing to register, he was literally caught with his pants down.

Residents living on Japonica Drive in Decatur County say it's usually a quiet neighborhood, but that's not the case right now with emotions running high as registered sex offender Christopher Wynter is caught in the area, charged with molesting once again.

One concerned resident said, "It makes me very nervous. I wish I'd known earlier ‘cause I just don't like people like that around. He should be put away and maybe castrated so he won't ever do it again."

Lakeevra Butler, another concerned resident, added, "It's kind of scary, especially when the kids be out here and to know he was right across the street. I was shocked."

Even more shocking is what deputies discovered when they knocked on the registered sex offender's door, a boy under the age of 16. The sheriff says there could be even more even victims.

Mary King lives nearby and said, "I was shocked! This is a quite neighborhood and good people living here. I just don't think they need to be out."

Authorities say moving states is legal for sex offenders, but Georgia's law says Wynter has 72 hours to register at his new address, which he failed to do.

Sheriff Wiley Griffin said, "He is definitely an individual that in my opinion needs to be out of society. The laws are going to address that."

And the law is addressing this repeat sex offender. The sheriff in Decatur County says bond has been denied and Wynter could face a minimum of 25 years behind bars.

Details on exactly how long Wynter has been in town are a little hazy, but Wynter was picked up in April for a traffic violation by Bainbridge Public Safety. At that time authorities were not aware of his criminal background out of Florida. They learned of that recently thanks to a call from Orange County.