Defensive Driving

Don't think, react! It's the secret of survival if you're driving on America’s roads. That's what Leon county defensive driving instructors are teaching students, and the motto is proving its worth.

Ashley Rook can shuffle steer like the pros, using a racetrack maneuver, she weaves through the driving range with grace, without crossing her hands over each other. It's a defensive driving technique Leon County instructors want all teenagers to know.

Teenage driver, Michael Toomey, is also polishing up his skills. “I have to say I’m pretty good at the shuffling, stuff like that,” said Toomey.

It's what rookie police officers learn when entering the force, how to take a curve without braking, using their vision, and evasive maneuvers. The collision avoidance-training program transforms teenagers into experienced defensive drivers.

The program is gaining national attention with students signing up from all across Florida and from as far away as Illinois. Instructors say less than three percent of the students who take the class are involved in accidents.