U.S. Constitution Month

September is National Constitution Month. It is a commemoration of the date when the document was signed.

Ciera Davis, a LATMA Christian Academy student, said, "The Constitution is a good thing because it's the highest laws and all of the laws come from the Constitution."

LATMA Christian Academy students in Madison are celebrating with a mock Constitution signing. In front of the county courthouse Wednesday, they let citizens sign a replica of the constitution of the United States.

Xavier Brown, another LATMA Christian Academy student, said, "The Constitution should help people these days because if they would read the Constitution books, they would know about the laws and books. They wouldn't be committing crimes. The new laws that they make are in the Constitution."

LATMA Christian Academy officials say the mock signing of the U.S. Constitution helps students learn and better understand the Constitution. Eyewitness News wanted to know what Madison County adults know about the Constitution.

William Huggins, a Madison County resident, was asked, “Do you know what city it was signed in?”

"If I'm not mistaken, it was Philadelphia," he replied.

Jamielle Plummer, another Madison County resident, added, "When it came into play, my guess would be, um, the 1700's sometime; which is a while ago."

The U.S. Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania September 17, 1787 and ratified June 21, 1788.

But did you know that Pennsylvania was misspelled in the Constitution? At just 4,440 words, it’s the shortest constitution in the world.

George Washington and James Madison were the only future presidents to sign it and Thomas Jefferson didn't sign the Constitution because he wasn't even there.

For more facts about the U.S. Constitution, you can go to www.constitutionfacts.com.