Muck Covering Wakulla Beach

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It's sticky and it stinks and it's covering a Wakulla County beach. A so-called "goo" was spotted last week by a group of people hoping to clean Wakulla Beach, in the St. Marks Refuge, as part of "Coastal Cleanup Day."

The smell was so bad they decided against it and requested the Department of Environmental Protection to get out there and find out what the mess is. The DEP tested the waters on Friday and says it appears to be diatom algae.

Cal Jamison, who lives in Wakulla County, says the sands in the area of Wakulla Beach are usually clean, not now. He said it was up to several inches thick in some areas last week.

"When I walked down here there were several birds trying to wade through it, they were walking through it like their feet were sticking."

Madeleine Carr said, "It smells so bad it could kill a maggot."

No one was sure what it was at first, knowing only one thing, it stinks! A check on type of algae shows that it is not harmful like Red Tide. However, health officials are still advising people to avoid the waters.

There are still warnings of high bacterial levels at the beach, including Mash's Sands and Shell Point in Wakulla County.