Lunch with Jim Horne

All over the nation, kids are going wild about school lunches and some adults are getting involved too.

"It's important to establish good eating habits. If you start at an early age, they'll follow through with them," says Jim Horne, education commissioner.

Kids eating healthy and working hard might be catching on. State leaders say that it's imperative, now more than ever, that kids are encouraged to eat better and develop those healthy habits at an early age.

On a state level, schools have changed their lunch menu options. The Department of Education says, the options are healthier.

"Well I think the most drastic change is the variety and we're encouraging kids to eat more fresh vegetables," Diane Santoro says.

The Departments of Health and Education both agree, it's an easy equation: healthy kids now equals strong adults later. Wednesday, Gov. Jeb Bush announced the creation of a task force to learn more about the obesity epidemic and to combat the problem for kids and adults alike.