Unity in the Community

Reverend Victor Logan was one of three Tallahasseans to attend a National Promise Keepers Conference last winter, but he brought home the message that unity in the community begins with its pastors.

"So they encouraged us to come back and choose a pastor of another denomination, ethnicity or color, and get to know them, pray with them and work with them hand in hand," says Rev. Logan.

At the Leon County Civic Center, about 80 people gathered for a pastor prayer's breakfast. Church heads acknowledge their leadership can spread into their congregation and into the community.

"It will start in our actual congregations where members look beyond the barriers...and teach us to love each other as Christ has taught us to love each other," says Rev. Calvin McFadden.

Coordinators hope these pastors will leave with the encouragement that there is a movement to unify and help.

"The specific problems that one church may have may be different problems than another church. If there's a poor church, there may be an affluent church that has the ability to supply," says Pastor Clay Shiver.

Coordinators are hoping to make the pastor's prayer breakfast an annual event.