The New Jacksons

Newly designed $20 bills are now in circulation in Tallahassee.

"Most people are excited about it they've seen the commercials so they want to see exactly what they look like especially because they're so dramatically different from the old ones with all the colors.

The new twenties were released last week, but a Tallahassee bank just received its shipments earlier this week.

"Some people have flat out said 'I don't want that money' because they're afraid the people they have to pay won't accept it, but that's the minority. In a few weeks it'll just be a part of the currency."

In a given month, Sun Trust receives $3,000 to $5,000 worth of counterfeit bills, mostly $20s. The new $20 bills have lots of anti-counterfeit features, shades of blue, green and peach, security threads, color shifting ink and a bevy of small yellow numbers on the back.

So check your change at the bank and the grocery store, you're bound to see a little blue and peach added to the old $20s will be gradually removed from circulation, but are never rendered "worthless".

New $50s will be out next year and new $100s the year after that. The U.S. Treasury plans to introduce new currency designs every 7 to 10 years from now on.