Scripps Research Deal Causes Concerns Over Mag Lab's Future

Gov. Jeb Bush says it would cost the state $310 million to bring Scripps to Florida. However, FSU will make it known its current research facility, the Mag Lab, is in need. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory director Jack Crow says some of their equipment is 10 to 15 years old.

Crow also says the age of the power supply is causing the Mag Lab to see failures more regularly.

"Today is a wonderful example we've had to curtail user activity because one of the power supplies is malfunctioning," says Crow.

Meaning some researchers who have traveled from all over the world to use this facility may have to go home empty handed. UCLA researcher Gil Clark says time is precious.

"The reason is so many people want to use it and energy is very expensive. You have to work very efficiently. You cannot do that if you don't have support from lab personnel themselves," Clark says.

FSU is asking the legislature for $10 million in state funding. Officials say without it they could be at risk of losing funding from the national science foundation. Without local support crow says NSF may find another home for the Mag Lab.

The Mag Lab employs 350 people and brings in roughly $100 million to the local economy. During next week's special session, FSU officials say they will be asking legislators to fund both the Mag Lab and the Scripps Research Institute.