Meth Lab Found in Tallahassee Hotel Room

This time the bust came down at a motel room the Dutch Inn on Appalachee Parkway. The owner says that around 2 p.m. Friday he called the police to go to check on a man and a woman staying in room 222. He says that he tried calling them, and tried to get in, but made no avail.

When police were called to the scene and the door was opened, they say it was a scene that the experienced officers recognized as a meth lab.

The two people arrested were Joseph Curles and Jennifer Mosley. At this point, police are waiting for the Big Bend Meth Lab response team. Now, meth labs are very dangerous.

Police say a lot of toxic chemicals are being used and many times the people mixing up the drug are themselves high. The couple had been at the Dutch Inn for three days.