Out On the Streets


Several homeless men and women in the city of Quincy may find themselves back on the streets again. City commissioners decided to deny Christ Town a special operating permit. They're not only in limbo, they're in desperate search for a place to house the men and women who are living on the premises and so far they don't have a facility readily available.

Eighteen-year old Sacajewia Holsey spent two years on the streets of Tallahassee selling her body, and on July 15 she moved to Christ Town, but this safe haven may no longer be her home.

Quincy city commissioners voted not to give Christ Town a special use permit because residents didn't want the homeless shelter in their neighborhood.

"It's in a residential neighborhood and several of the neighbors had come out over the month and voiced their opinions and they did not like the fact the proposed shelter would be located there."

Now Christ Town owners are busy looking for an alternate shelter for the more than 10 families.

"I would like to see a unity in this community and would like to see the community rally around us and help us find a location that would work and not offend anybody.

If Christ Town officials find another place in Quincy they would still have to apply for a special use permit to operate. The people at Christ Town say they are trying to get a facility that's located on the outskirts of Quincy or possibly the old nursing home to house the residents, but nothing is set in stone right now.