Valdosta State University Opens New Student Health Center

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More than 100 Valdosta State University officials and students gathered around 5 o'clock this evening to cut the ribbon on the school's new 27,000 square foot health center.

The center boosts 18 exam rooms, three nurses stations and a pharmacy.

"I did go to the old facility and it was nice. It was nice to have one on campus but I think this will definitely benefit the students to be able to have has like a operating room where they can do removal of things," said Erica Roundtree, a VSU student.

"We utilized the other building but it was very old. There was no new technology the way we have at this building. We have digital X-rays, we have a gigantic lab that they're able to run more lab work on students," said Jerriann Levy, a registered nurse that works at VSU.

This center is replacing the university's first health building that was built more than four decades ago and could no longer accommodate VSU's growing enrollment rate.

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