Commissioner Maloy Clear

One issue still looms large: Maloy's legal bills, which one commissioner estimates could top $1 million. County commissioner Bob Rackleff says he wouldn't be surprised if the total comes to that in the Maloy case and several county commissioners say they won't foot that bill without a fight.

He's been cleared on every charge in court, but Leon County commissioner Rudy Maloy still faces a fight over legal bills.

"Did the charges come out of a public purpose and having sexual relations with county employees does not serve a public purpose. So I will continue to fight any notion of paying Rudy Maloy's $500,000 legal bill," Tony Grippa says.

Maloy's criminal attorney, Steve Dobson, is suing the county for his $340,000 bill. Meanwhile, Maloy's ethics attorneys still haven't submitted their bills. It's unclear whether Maloy will immediately regain power to hire and fire his own aide.

"I for one am not going to vote to reinstate his hiring power because he had sex with his aide. I'm sorry, that's wrong, that's against county policy," says Bob Rackleff.

And for the man who filed the ethics case against Maloy, the outcome isn't satisfying.

"I think the women of Tallahassee, Leon need to realize now if they have a boss who kisses them in the elevator, fondles them, makes obscene suggestions, they really have no recourse through the commission on ethics," says Eugene Danaher.

County commissioners voted back in July to restore Maloy's hiring authority once he was cleared by the ethics commission, but it's unclear whether that vote still stands. Commissioner Maloy himself still hasn't answered our requests for an interview.