Official Likens Judge's Order to Effect of Terrorism Against Citrus Industry

In appealing the Broward County judge's order to halt the cutting down of suspected canker-infected citrus trees, Bronson said today that the National Academy of Science has warned states how to prevent terrorists from using crop diseases, such as canker, to launch a biological attack.

Bronson says the judge's delays are effectively creating the same situation.

In Bronson's words: "We don't really have to have terrorists come into the state and do this. We're doing it to ourselves.''

Bronson says the canker has already done a half billion dollars damage, and that the legal delays are allowing it to spread even more.

The Department of Agriculture is appealing Circuit Judge Leonard Fleet's ruling that halted the cutting down of citrus trees. Among other things, the judge is challenging how workers determine that a tree to be cut down is 19-hundred feet from an infected one.