Police Officer Fired For Good

Updated 2/24 at 10:28 p.m.

A Live Oak police sergeant will remain off the force after being fired for trying to choke his girlfriend.

It didn't take the Live Oak City Council long at all.

In less than two minutes Tuesday night, a unanimous vote was taken to uphold the termination of SGT Jose Alfredo Moreno from the Live Oak Police Department.

Live Oak resident Lesley White said, "I was surprised because actually I thought that he would be reinstated. I turned out to be wrong, and I'm glad I was wrong because we don't need officers setting that kind of example."

Moreno was fired September 22, 2008 for a "physical altercation" with his girlfriend and co-worker Erica Elliot.

A hearing report shows on August 16th, the couple drove to Gainesville for dinner, where Moreno had eight to ten beers and got drunk.

The report says the two carried an argument back to Elliot's home in Live Oak, and when she tried to stop Moreno from driving home, he grabbed her around the neck and pushed her away, causing her to fall into the bathtub.

Live Oak Police Chief Buddy Williams said, "The findings are there. This is one of those things that I can't sit here and say that I'm extremely happy over."

The report goes on to say that Elliot used Moreno's police radio to exclaim, "This is Erica, I am at my house. I am scared, and I need help."

She testified that Moreno fell trying to take the radio and choked her with the cord.

Elliot, who's the victim advocate,still works for the department.

Neither Moreno nor his attorney was present at Tuesday's meeting.


In a special meeting Tuesday afternoon, Live Oak City Council members voted unanimously to not give SGT Jose Alfredo Moreno his job back with the Live Oak Police Department.

Moreno was fired back in September when authorities say he had a physical altercation with his co-worker and girlfriend Erica Elliott.

During an appeals procedure last week, retired judge Thomas Kennon recommended that Moreno remains fired.

The city council made the final decision Tuesday to agree with Kennon's recommendation.

Moreno had been with L.O.P.D. since 2003.

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