Bonding Together for Health

A new grant will help families on Tallahassee's southside get in-line health wise by getting online. A partnership between local and national agencies will implement an electronic health project and put vital information at the fingertips of patients.

The National Library of Medicine has awarded FAMU $20,000 to get an e-health project underway. This training session is just the start, showing health professionals and others how to access information via the internet.

From here this knowledge will spread into the southside, specifically Nims Middle School and the Bond Community Health Centers. Computer terminals will be set up at all three locations.

Some studies show more than 60 percent of impoverished communities do not have access to the internet. Trainees say, now not only will patients have access and assistance. The NLM's website is user friendly.

This project is an extension of FAMU's southside initiative. Almost 50 percent of residents living on Tallahassee's southside are at or below the poverty line. Only two percent have private medical insurance.