Flood Zone Buyout


Estelle forehand has lived in this flood prone area for 43 years. She said when it rains her yard becomes a disaster. "I just have mud shoes and it's very uncomfortable and every time you step out of the door you're in mud and when it rains it's soup, soup, soup."

But the soupy mess will be a thing of the past. Quincy city officials just received $900,000 grant to acquire more than 100 acres of property located in flood areas.

Auburn Ford, said, "we saw this area as blighted area and with development and two new grant, we hope to increase the property values in the area of the CRA district."

City officials hope to preserve this property and turn it into a state of the art park similar to that of Lake Ella.

Ford says he hopes to purchase forehand's property as well as four other homes that have become eyesores in the community.

Estelle Forehand said, "willing to move, glad to move can't wait for the day to come." In the next few years city officials say Tanyard Creek will be transformed into a park fully equipped with a walking trail and picnic tables for residents in Quincy to enjoy.

Quincy was one of 48 cities in the state to acquire this type of grant funding.