Deadly Shooting

Valdosta police think it started over a disagreement, which quickly turned violent, then deadly.

Investigators say the problem started early Sunday inside a Valdosta bar. An altercation between victim James Rowe Junior and Alvin Nelson made it's way outside.

Cmdr. Steven Heaton said, "Mr. Rowe had gotten involved in an altercation with him and Mr. Rowe had thrown a punch at him and as a result of that punch, he pulled a gun and shot him."

That shot dropped Rowe to the ground and he died a short time later. People who live near this shooting site say this one incident doesn't make them afraid.

Betty McCray, lives near shooting site, said, "it don't make me scared because we have a very good police force around here and all you got to do is touch a phone and they're here, so I don't have any problems."

Authorities say even though the victim may have tried to throw a punch, nelson did not have the right to fire his gun. "I think you have the right to defend yourself, but I think if somebody simply hits you, I don't think you have a right to pull a gun and shoot them."

Nelson is behind bars, charged with murder, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a firearm while committing a crime.

This is the second deadly shooting in Valdosta in less than a week, but investigators say there is no reason to think any of the shootings are related.