Dashboard Dining: Eating on the Go

Each day, dozens of drivers bite off more than they can chew, literally. Dashboard dining is one of the biggest distractions behind the wheel. There is a dangerous driving distraction lurking on the roads.

It's not chatty Cathy or that drowsy driver. It's a peanut packing, lettuce spewing finger-licking hazard.

Driving under the influence of your favorite food is one of the most distracting things you can do according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey. It even ranks the top ten food offenders.

A taco tops the list at three because it easily falls apart. Coffee and hot soup hold the number one and two spots. Soft drinks check in at nine.

Besides messing up you car, not to mention spoiling your dinner, dashboard dining can drive up the cost of your insurance.

One insurance company reported running a DMV check on a driver and found a restraining order against anything edible while driving. The man apparently had several accidents related to dashboard dining.