Florida Forest Festival

The city of Perry in Taylor County is a small quiet place.

Nothing much ever happens right? Wrong! In October the Forest Festival lights up this small town with 25,000 visitors.

Just about every business in Taylor County benefits from the increased traffic of festival weekend.

For Sonja Sims, a campground manager, reservations have been coming in for months.

"For about three months up to some of them actually made reservations last year when they were here. This has impacted a lot we expect to make a very good living this weekend," shares Sims.

The Forest Festival grows every year and Tuesday afternoon last minute preparations were being made for a Tuesday night kickoff that includes fireworks and a carnival.

One of the stars of this years forest festival is this beautiful pachyderm appropriately named nosey. She'll be out here giving rides all week long.

If giant herbivores aren't your thing don't worry, games, music, and family fun are also on the menu.

The festival wraps up this Saturday with the world's biggest fish fry over 6,000 catfish dinners will be enjoyed.