Sidewalk Debate in a Leon County Neighborhood

A new subdivision is at the heart of a Leon County debate over sidewalks. The question: whether a developer must build a sidewalk on about 600 feet of Ox Bottom Road.

Construction is just getting started on Ox Bottom reserve. Twenty-seven lots are going in, but there's a question whether the builder must put sidewalks around the entrance at Ox Bottom Road.

The sidewalks would make walking on this road a whole lot safer, but opponents say there's no sense putting sidewalks on just a little portion.

“There's going to be school buses stopping there at that intersection, kids standing in grass instead of on a sidewalk,” says a resident.

County commissioner Bob Rackleff doesn't want a change in the comprehensive plan, which mandates sidewalks with new developments. Brothers Brandon and Denver Fitch live across Ox Bottom Road from the future subdivision, but other area residents say dead-end sidewalks are just a waste of money.

Other county commissioners want to let developers pay to put in sidewalks somewhere “more logical.”

We were unable to get a response from the landowner, Turner Land Development. County commissioners are expected to reconsider the sidewalk issue in September.